Posted by: helcza | April 21, 2011

Stunning racing on day 1

Blue sunny skies and finally the breeze arrived – the principal race officer Andrea Martens did not waste time on the first day of the European Championship. Three races with up to 14 knots made happy faces everywhere (almost because some competitors got a BFD as their score in the last race).

The first results show a Danish leader – Emil Tang Kristensen – and a Swedish runner-up – Pontus Dahl in the boy’s champonship, while the girls fleet is led by a Swedish Girl – Hanna Johannson with a Danish lady coming second: Anna Mette Laugesen.  It was also a good day for the hosts with a race win for Lorenz Faihs and Anna Luschan who’s day ended somehow disappointing as she was caught over the line in the last race.

There were also race wins for Finland with Victor Silen in race 2 and Rudolf Samlines victory in the last race  and for Russia when Ananstasia Godovalnikova from Vladivostok crossed the finishing line as the first boat in the day’s last race.

For tomorrow the weather forecast is promising again: sunny, warm and southerly winds with up to 15 knots.

Results Boys: Ergebnis 3.WF
Results Girls: Ergebnis 3.WF_girls


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