Posted by: helcza | April 19, 2011

Austrian Open finished!

On the last day of the Austrian Open Championship we saw the same procedure as yesterday: competitors waiting for wind and the race committee chasing the wind.  Andrea, the principal race officer, sent the fleet on the water just when the thermical breeze started and the race course was ready when the wind eventually settled with 6 – 7 knots from SSW.

A promising start of the race with the breeze picking up kept the hopes of achiving the minimum four races for the Austrian Championship – at the top of the fleet Victor Silen from Helsinki and Lukas Stabauer from Lake Wolfgangsee were able to get away from the fleet and stay in front till the finishing line.

As the wind dropped again just after the last boat crossed the finishing line, the time ran out and no race could be sailed.

The afternoon then saw the prize giving ceremony with the winner Victor Silen from Finland and the Austrians Calvin Claus as runner-up and Lukas Stabauer as third.

As a thank you for their patience the competitors were offered fresh icecream by the race committee as the closing act of this championship.

The European Championship will start tomorrow with the practice race at 15.00 and the Opening Ceremony at 19.00. Weather forecast is warm and sunny, 25 degrees and 12-15kn from SSE. Let’s hope that’s true.

Lukas Stabauer leading the fleet at mark 2.

the best of the last three day!


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